Dog walking, holiday cat feeding & small animal care: Alton, Four Marks and Medstead, Hampshire


Welcome to Walkies, we are primarily a dog walking company but we also offer a holiday cat feeding service, we can also offer expert training and behavioural advice.

We are a professional and fully insured (we hold public liability and key insurance) company covering Alton, Four Marks, Medstead, Bentworth and the areas in between!

Owned and operated by experienced canine handlers, Liz Laker and Sarah Chambers, Walkies was established in 2004. We are dedicated to providing reliable caring fun daily for your dog and peace of mind for owners.

Our walks are ideal for breaking up your dog's day if you are at work. We can provide fun, friendship and plenty of fresh air and exercise for your pet.

We only walk small groups of dogs at a time, ensuring your dog is safe, has an enjoyable time and receives maximum attention.

Walks with canine chums each day means your pet is calm and contented when you return home, there is less chance of destruction from boredom/frustration, and you have a more socially confident and happy dog.

If your canine is still a youngster we can organise Puppy Visits once a day which include cuddles, training, play, feeds, toilet opportunity, accident cleaning, etc. These are a great way to get your dog ready for joining the rest of the crew when he or she is old enough.

We also offer a midday letting out service offering your dog a toilet opportunity, a chance to stretch his legs, have a bit of attention and perhaps be given a treat!

Our Holiday Cat Feeding Service is an economical alternative to a cattery whilst enabling your pet(s) to remain in their familiar surroundings - for more details on this service please click the link at the bottom of this page which will take you straight to the Cat Feeding page of this website). As well as cats, we are experienced at caring for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, tortoises, reptiles and tropical fish. 

Click here for details of our Holiday Cat Feeding Service.

Liz holds a Diploma in Dog Psychology and can assist with training and behavioural issues and offer pre-purchase advice. Click here for further details.